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About Us

As a national recruitment agency, you might expect Vary to specialise in several areas…

But at Vary, we strive to specialise in just one…people…

Yes we may have decades of expertise throughout the Driving and Industrial Sectors, Customer Service, Administration and IT…and with our more recent expansion to Central London, have added significantly to our areas of specialism to include Luxury Retail, Security, Engineering and Construction… but unless we get to know and understand you, we don’t believe we’ve really done our job.

In fact Vary Recruitment don’t consider working for you. As the vital link between client and candidate, we like to work with you, learning to think the way you think so that we can make important decisions on your behalf, confident that they are the decisions you would have made yourself.

But finding the perfect fit can’t be done on paper, that’s why we welcome face-to-face meetings. So whether you are a company decision maker looking to restructure your entire team, or an individual wanting to take on a new and exciting challenge, we like to think we know what you’re looking for just as much as you do.

Like in all areas of life, creating the perfect partnership takes time and effort, two things we are never shy of investing, and luckily a great deal of that can be covered over a coffee and a chat. So, whether client or candidate, we invite you to come in and meet the team behind your next big move.

Because at Vary, we don’t stop at recruitment…that’s simply where we start…!