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Entering or re-entering the job market can be daunting, and very few of us have ever been given the tools to ensure we are armed for the task.

If you’re considering signing up to a recruitment agency, you’re probably asking yourself the same questions as thousands of others before you…

How will I stand out from the crowd…?

How long will it take to find the right position…?

At Vary, we encourage you to stop asking yourself these questions…and instead…just ask us… Because at Vary Recruitment, we get to know every single candidate and what makes them tick. But in order to do so, we ask questions, and lots of them, because it’s only when we know you, that we can answer these questions honestly, to help you find your way.

Vary Recruitment will never be about filling seats, but about finding the perfect fit…because we’re only happy, when you are.

Short-term contract, or permanent role…finding the right job is usually a life changing decision, and one that we understand should never be taken lightly.

If you’re failing to find the right job, or simply in need of some direction, we can start at the very beginning, understanding your aspirations and expectations, ensuring your CV is creating the right message, and advising you on interview techniques, so that when we do find a role…it is potentially the perfect match.

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