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As a recruitment agency, it would be only too easy to fall into the predictable role of telling you what we can do for you.

But at Vary Recruitment, we take a step back. We might start by asking lots of questions to our clients, but perhaps more importantly…we listen…

We listen to your needs as a business, and we listen to your frustrations as well as your success stories, because it’s only when we get to know you that we can deliver for you. And just how we get there, can be very different for every client.

Vary Recruitment never view ourselves as a stand-alone option…we’re much too touchy-feely for that. We get to know you and what makes you unique. Gaining in-depth knowledge of your business or brand helps us build a lasting relationship, becoming a natural extension of your team – someone that knows your business inside and out, someone that understands your business culture and its values, so that in turn, we can pair you with the perfect candidates to help realise your dreams.

At Vary, our service is always tailored, and our size allows us to easily adapt to suit your requirements. We can help handle ad responses, cast a critical eye over CV’s and filter potential candidates, check references and lead initial interviews, so you need only become involved at the critical decision making stage, so cutting down on time and cost to your business.

It will also help to know that from short term contract to permanent role, our competitive pricing structure ensures that finding an out of this world candidate, needn’t cost the earth…!

So, to allow us to get to know you, and your business, call 0141 530 3000.